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Kondru blames Naidu for State’s division

Kondru blames Naidu for State’s division

Hyderabad, August 22 : Medical Education Minister Kondru Murali Mohan on Thursday held Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu responsible for the Centre’s decision in favour of Telangana State.

Talking to reporters here, Kondru said that it was Naidu who openly supported the formation of Telangana State by sending a letter to the Prime Minister. However, he said now Naidu and other TDP leaders were trying to accuse the Congress party for the same. He said that the TDP, BJP and CPI should be collectively held responsible for State’s division. He said that the Congress leaders would explain the facts to the people and the circumstances that led the Congress party’s decision to bifurcate the State.

Ridiculing Naidu’s proposed “Telugjathi Athmagaurav Yatra’, Kondru said that only time would show whether the Seemandhra people would welcome Naidu with flowers or stones.

Stating that the Antony Committee was examining the State’s bifurcation issue from all angles, he said that the Seemandhra leaders have made it clear that it would be impossible for the Congress party to even contest from the region if the Centre divides the State. INN

Kondru blames Naidu for State's division

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