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Police warn against violence in Samaikhyandhra agitation

Hyderabad, Aug 7 : In the wake of the Samaikyandhra agitation, the State police has registered around 124 criminal cases in the last one week under specific sections of the IPC and other Acts. The cases were booked for offences like damage to statues of national leaders, buses (both APS RTC and private buses) and public property, besides, rioting and assault.

More than 1,000 persons have been taken into preventive custody. In the 124 criminal cases, 221 persons have been arrested, so far. For the cases pertaining to damage to statues of national leaders, 39 cases have been registered and 94 accused have been arrested.

The State Police said that damage to statues is an insult to the memory of national leaders. It is bound to provoke strong reaction and also cause animosity between different groups. Therefore, police has invoked specific provisions of law, including Sec. 153-A IPC. The punishment prescribed under Section 153-A of IPC is imprisonment up to 3 years.

The State Police has urged the local community to co-operate with it in protecting the statues, which they themselves have installed, out of respect and affection for the national leaders who dedicated themselves to the people of India.

It is also noticed that certain vested interests are indulging in mudslinging against the Police and the Police Officers. It is advised that such acts would be viewed seriously as provisions of IPC and special laws are attracted and they become liable for stringent criminal action. Police Department is apolitical and works without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, religion and region.

All district Superintendants of Police have also been advised to take prompt preventive action to control the law and order situation and not to allow it to deteriorate necessitating harsh police action. INN

Police warn against violence in Samaikhyandhra agitation
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