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GHMC to home deliver digital birth certificates

Hyderabad, June 6 : GHMC Mayor Mohammed Majid Hussain and Commissioner MT Krishna Babu on Thursday said that the digital birth certificates will be sent to the parents directly to their houses through courier at free of cost.

The Commissioner said that the GHMC Mayor will launch this programme on 10th June for the convenience of the parents along with the details of the vaccination schedule so as to come up on time. The hospital authorities will also inform the parents a day before on the mobile phone as per the information given by the parents in the hospital.

Majid Hussain said that the parents in the twin cities are facing lot of inconvenience for obtaining birth certificates by visiting Circle / Ward Offices etc., and it has also been observed that lot of complaints were also received till date keeping in view of the problem GHMC has decided to issue digital birth certificates to the

The Commissioner stated that this is the first time this type of innovative programme is being taken up by the GHMC and the GHMC is striving hard to make Hyderabad healthier and greener city and further informed that this type of services has not been taken by any of the Municipal Corporations in India so far. GHMC main aim is to give better services to the citizens, he added.

Responding to the question raised by some of the media persons with regard to death certificates the Commissioner said that the procedures are being stream lining for the issue of death certificates after thorough verification the issue of death certificates to the family members will be sent free of cost through courier duly giving condolence message to the family members. INN

GHMC to home deliver digital birth certificates
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