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Kiran is Rabandu, not Dalit Bandhu: YSRCP

Hyderabad, April 22 : YSR Congress Party on Monday described the conferment of ‘Dalit Bandhu’ title on Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy by a few Dalit leaders at Dalita Sankharavam at Rajahmundry on Sunday as an effort to appease the Dalit voters.

Addressing a press meet here, party SC cell convener N.Surya Prakash said Kiran Kumar is in fact a Dalit Rabandu and observed he has done nothing for the welfare of the Dalits after assuming power. “What has he done for the welfare of the SCs and STs to be rewarded with such a title? In our view, he is only a Dalit Rabandu,” Surya Prakash said, asking the CM to disclose what he did so far for the emancipation of the Dalits.

He said most of the Dalits have become supporters of the YSR Congress Party and a few Dalit leaders led by Amalapuram Congress MP Harsha Kumar have conferred this title in an election year aiming to garner Dalit votes. “If Kiran Kumar is a Dalit Bandhu, what about Dr.B.R.Ambedkar and Babu Jagjivan Ram who had done a lot for the Dalits?” he asked.

Suryaprakash said the SC, ST sub plan Act is full of loopholes and only aimed at reducing disparities among the Dalits themselves and not the economic disparities between Dalits and the forward castes. “The Act also has some ambiguous clauses giving scope for diversion of SC, ST sub plan funds,” he said, adding it is unfortunate that the Government has been making tall claims over the Act while atrocities on Dalits are increasing day by day.

“The Dalit families of the victims of the massacre at Lakshmipet of Srikakulam are still going from pillar to post for justice while Dalit students are committing suicide unable to pay their college fees,” he said, asking the CM how he can claim to be a Dalit Bandhu.

Surya Prakash said while YSR took several steps for the welfare of the Dalits, Kiran Kumar has only been making false promises and following the footsteps of TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu who did nothing for the sake of Dalits. INN

N.Surya Prakash Said Kiran Kumar Reddy a Dalit Rabandu Welfare of Dalits Power Assuming YSR Congress Party Conferment of Dalit Bandhu

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