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City Police issue guidelines for Cyber Cafes

Hyderabad, March 4 : In view of the recent security threats and likelihood of the anti-social elements using the Cyber/ Internet Cafes to carry out their nefarious designs, the City Police has issued certain guidelines for safe usage of internet.

The owner of the Cyber Cafe shall take sufficient precautions so that computers and computer systems in the Cyber Cafe are not used for any illegal or criminal activity.

Cyber Cafe Owner/Network Service Provider shall not allow any user to use his Computer, Computer System and/or Computer Network without the identity of the user being established before him before use. The intending User may establish his Identity by producing any Photo Identity Card issued by any School or College or a Photo Credit Card of any Bank or Passport or Voters Identity Card or PAN Number Card issued by Income-Tax authorities or Photo Identity Card issued by the Employer or Driving License to the satisfaction of Cyber Cafe Owner.

After the Identity of the User is established, the owner of the Cyber Cafe or the manager or the attendant or on his behalf any authorized person managing the Cyber Cafe shall obtain and maintain the information including Name of the User; Age and Sex; Present residential address; Log in and Log Out time.

When a User cannot produce any Photo Identity Card to establish his identity to the satisfaction of the Cyber Cafe Owner/Network Service Provider, he may be photographed by the Cyber Cafe Owner/Network Service Provider after obtaining his consent using a ‘Web Camera’ hooked onto one of the computers or computer systems in the Cyber Cafe and the User shall be explained that his photograph will be taken and stored in the hard disk of the computer, for verification by Law enforcement authorities, whenever required. This is in addition to the entries made in the log register. In case the User does not agree for storing his photograph he shall not be allowed to use any computer, computer system and /or computer network or access to the Internet in the Cyber Cafe.

All time clocks in Cyber Cafes must be regularly checked and synchronized with Indian Standard Time (IST) and with that of the Internet Service Providers. Maintaining proper account of the User as explained shall be the responsibility of the Cyber Cafe Owner/Network Service provider.

The Log Register and the Photograph of the User shall be maintained by the Cyber Cafe Owner/Network Service Provider for a minimum period of One Year and which shall be provided to Law enforcement agencies as and when required.

Cyber Police authorities may on complaint inspect Cyber Cafes at all reasonable time to ensure compliance of these rules. If any Cyber Cafe Owner/Network Service Provider fails to maintain Log Register and records he shall be liable for penalties as provided in the Act or any other Law, for the time being in force.

All Cyber Cafes shall clearly display in the form of wall poster – “Any misuse of Internet / Computer System for anti-social activity or accessing pornographic website is strictly prohibited. Violators shall be prosecuted”.

All Cyber Cafes shall install CCTV Cameras with digital recording facility, which should clearly capture the photographs of all persons visiting Cyber Cafes and also another Camera towards outer side to display the activity outside the Cafe, particularly in parking area.

In the event of noticing any suspicious persons visiting the Cyber Cafe, the matter shall be promptly informed to the Police without any delay.

The Police said that if the premises of the Cyber Cafes are issued for any anti-social or illegal/unlawful activity, the Cafe Owner/Manger shall be held liable and necessary action shall be initiated as per law. INN

Andhar Pradesh City Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma Issue Guidelines Cyber Cafe

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