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Akbar Owaisi dons new looks

Hyderabad, February 16: A lot has changed in the last 40 days since Akbaruddin Owaisi was arrested by the Adilabad police on January 8.

While Akbaruddin Owaisi’s arrest took the MIM’s popularity to its peak, the MIM leader has proved that the Congress Government could not shatter his courage to fight against injustices. One can image the pain of a leader who had to remain in jail for about 40 days just for speaking a few lines, which were misinterpreted and disliked, by a few politically motivated people. Although the courts will decide whether or not Akbar Owaisi’s statements could be treated as “hate speech”, the MIM leader appears to be in a confrontation mode.

Akbar Owaisi was a clean-shaved, smart-looking politician when he was arrested on January 8. He went to the jail with a smile as he had full faith in the judicial system. In the later days, when Akbar Owaisi was slapped with one case after the other, he wore a beard resembling the image of a matured politician.

Finally on Saturday, the lens men were eager to take his pictures, as Akbaruddin Owaisi donned a complete new look. He wore long and thick moustache. Some analyst say that the moustache were symbolic and gives a message to Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy that he was on par with him in all matters, including moustaches.

MIM supporters are now eager to hear the secret behind Akbar Owaisi’s moustaches.

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