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Akbar Owaisi reaches Hyderabad

Akbar Owaisi reaches Hyderabad

Adilabad, February 16: After about 40 days, MIM leader Akbaruddin Owaisi was finally released on bail from the Adilabad District Jail in the alleged hate speech case.

While the Nizamabad court granted bail to Akbar Owaisi on Friday afternoon, the Adilabad Court pronounced the judgment in the evening. Since several formalities were required to be completed, Akbar Owaisi’s release was delayed on Saturday. According to sources, Akbar Owaisi’s lawyers furnished the two securities of Rs 25,000 in the court on Saturday morning. However, they failed to surrender his passport, a condition laid by the court to grant bail.

It was only in the afternoon that the passport was surrendered in the court to complete the bail formalities. By 4 pm, all the formalities for release were completed on receipt of release order. However, due to security reasons, Akbar Owaisi was not allowed to go out of Adilabad Jail.

Finally, at around 5 pm, Akbaruddin Owaisi came out of jail to receive the grand reception by his supports. He was welcomed amid slogan shouting by hundreds of MIM leaders and workrers who were waiting outside the jail since morning.

Akbaruddin Owaisi, who looked fresh despite his deteriorating health after the arrest on January 8, waved at his supporters in response to their slogans shouting and cheers. While several supporters tried to shake hands with the MIM leader, due to security reaons, the policemen did not allow them to come closer to him. A majority of MIM workers who went from Hyderabad and other areas in their cars and bikes, brought Akbar Owaisi in a huge procession to Hyderabad.

The MIM leader’s convoy has to be stopped at several places enroute Adilabad to Hyderabad as hundreds of people have gathered to receive him. He was garlanded at several places and hundreds of people, including women, have gathered on streets to give him a warm reception.

Finally, at around 10 PM, Akbaruddin Owaisi reached Hyderabad.

adilabad jail Finally Bail Owaisi Reached Hyderabad

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