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GHMC Commissioner asks people to keep the city clean

GHMC Commissioner asks people to keep the city clean

Hyderabad, Nov 11 : GHMC Commissioner Somesh Kumar has appealed to the citizens of the twin cities to cooperate with the GHMC in making the city clean, green and more beautiful by taking the responsibility by not littering the garbage, debris etc., on the main roads.

The Commissioner has informed that GHMC has collected Rs 1,75,000 fine in the last ten days. He also stated that last year an amount of Rs. 1.2 Crore was collected by imposing huge fines to curb such menace. He further stated that imposing penalty is not to harass the public but to send a message of responsibility among the public. The Commissioner after the Prajavani Programme has briefed the media about the developmental activities of the GHMC.

Somesh Kumar said that he has observed that most of the shop keepers are throwing the garbage waste etc., on main roads which is highly objectionable, even the residents while constructing the buildings are also keeping the construction materials on roads causing much inconvenience to the citizens, to this effect GHMC is going to impose huge penalties, fines to curb such menace.

Most of the sweepers have represented their grievance stating that they are unable to keep their conservancy materials at a proper place causing problems while taking up sanitation works and requested the Commissioner to allot some separate place to keep the items for their safety. Hearing their plea, the Commissioner directed the Additional Commissioner (H&S) and all the newly appointed Special Officers to allot some place at the areas for their convenience.

The Commissioner said that GHMC is coming with various innovative schemes to have a more clarity while taking up road repairing works. The GHMC is planning to come with a proposal of Annual Maintenance Contracts on some of the roads as a pilot project for taking up recarpeting works for the total period. The Contractor will be kept responsible to take up the road repairing works for the entire year i.e., contract period.

Somesh Kumar stated that most of the complaints are receiving from people which pertains to Town Planning, Building Permissions etc., keeping in view of the importance of the irregularities while constructing the buildings whether the owner of the builder is following the rules as per sanction plan and GHMC cannot inspect each and every building to this effect the GHMC is planning to come up with the proposals of giving basic information about the construction to the neighbors as the neighbors will play a very vital role in helping the GHMC about the deviations / un authorized constructions taking place beside their house for which the GHMC officials will be able to control such deviations etc., in the near future.

The Commissioner said that the GHMC cannot take up the all the road repairing works at once, keeping in view of the importance of the convenience of the public he has given directions to all the Deputy Commissioners, Zonal Commissioners to give details of the mostly damaged roads with in 2 to 3 days so that the road repairing works will be taken up very shortly and the entire road repairing works would be completed by December end 2013. INN

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