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Shiv Sena-style revolt brewing in TRS

Shiv Sena-style revolt brewing in TRS

Hyderabad, Aug 7: The Telangana Rashtra Samithi is slowly heading for a split on the lines of Shiv Sena of Maharashtra.

If the sources in TRS are to be believed, the fight to inherit the political legacy of K Chandrasekhar Rao has led to a cold war between his son K Tarakarama Rao and nephew T Harish Rao. With the Congress-led UPA Government agreeing to grant statehood for Telangana region, the TRS appears to have lost its sole agenda and now its leaders are learning the ways to act like a regular political party to address public issues other than statehood. However, the likelihood of party’s merger with Congress has sent shockwaves among the second-line leadership as it fears to face the fate of those who lost prominence after cine star-turned-politician K Chiranjeevi merged his Praja Rajyam Party into Congress.

Sources say that while KCR and his son KTR are open to idea of merger with Congress, Harish Rao and a majority of legislators are opposed to it and want the TRS to continue as an independent political party. This division of opinion has virtually divided the party into two groups with each trying to overpower the other. Analysts say that the party may head for a split before one group merges with the Congress.

There are lot of similarities between Telangana Rashtra Samithi and Shiv Sena. Both the parties were formed to satisfy regional aspirations. While it was Bal Thackery who encashed on Maratha sentiments, it was KCR who led a successful movement to achieve Telangana. While Bal Thackery’s son Uddhav Thackery and nephew Raj Thackery fought with each other to gain dominance in Shiv Sena, here KCR’s son KTR and nephew Harish Rao want recognition as party’s Second-in-Command.

KCR is aware of tug-of-war between his son and nephew, sources said. However, he kept himself focused on the process of formation of Telangana as he does not want to take any chances till the Telangana Bill is passed in Parliament. In the given circumstance, it is difficult to predict whether KTR and Harish Rao would bury their difference till the formation of Telangana or raise the banner of revolt.

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