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Hydel generation brings demand-supply gap to zero

Hyderabad, Aug 2 : For the first time in the recent times, the AP power utilities on Friday have experienced “Zero Gap” between demand and supply mainly due to substantial inflows into Hydel reservoirs particularly in Srisailam and heavy rains in many parts of the State.

Disclosing the above details, Suresh Chanda, CMD/APTRANSCO, during a review meeting said that it is a welcome feature that the demand-supply deficit on 1st August has become nil as compared to the deficit of 46.91 MU on the same day last year.

The narrowed demand-supply gap helped DISCOMs to completely lift the power cuts to all categories of consumers including Industries for the first time since September-2011. The reservoir level in Srisailam, which has already reached 882 feet as against the full reservoir level of 885 feet with inflows of 2.0 Lakh cusecs and outflow of 3.2 Lakh cusecs, helped the utilities to get optimum Hydel generation. In Nagarjuna Sagar, the reservoir level has reached 553 feet as against the maximum level of 590 feet.

However, CMD/APTRANSCO specifically cautioned the officials of DISCOMs that the demand-supply gap may rise at anytime depending on increase in Agrl demand, expected dry weather conditions, as well as the impact of inflows into hydel plants.

The CMD has reiterated that utilities will continue its efforts to maintain 7 hours power supply to Agrl sector as per the policy of Govt besides planning to adopt special mechanism to ensure adequate power supply to industrial sector to the maximum extent possible for the economical development of the State. The reliable, quality & satisfactory power supply to industries will help the State to generate more employment opportunities apart from cross subsidising the consumers of other categories.

The State has suffered severe power shortage during the last 2 to 3 years due to unprecedented fuel crisis such as non availability of natural gas, depleted coal reserves and reduced inflows from catchment areas & upper reaches of neighbouring states like Maharashtra and Karnataka. It is pertinent to note that power utilities removed the prevailing Restriction & Control (R&C) measures with effect from 1st August, 2013 so that all categories of consumers covered under R&C measures can now avail 100% power supply.

JMDs of APTRANSCO P.Ramesh, Y. Nagi Reddy, Directors of APTRANSCO G.Ramakrishna Reddy, S.Subrahmanyam, Mohd.Anwaruddin and other senior officials of APTRANSCO participated in the review meeting. INN

Hydel generation brings demand-supply gap to zero

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