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Congress, TDP responsible for unrest: YSRPC

Congress, TDP responsible for unrest: YSRPC

Hyderabad, Aug 2 : Holding the Congress and TDP responsible for the flaring up of regional passions, YSR Congress has said leaders of the two parties are now enacting a new drama of resignations to hijack the movement that has erupted due to hurt sentiments of one region of the state.

“We are not against bifurcation but we are against the way in which Congress has mishandled the situation. We wrote to the Centre that the issue should be sorted out like a family matter if the division is inevitable and work out a solution that is agreeable to all concerned. The suggestion was not taken in the right spirit and the announcement was made unilaterally,” party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters here on Friday.

TDP President N Chandrababu Naidu was in touch with Delhi all through and after the decision was announced he comes up with the theory of the new capital and its cost while the enraged TDP leaders of Seemandhra region announce their resignations.

Same is the case with Seemandhra Congress leaders who suddenly wake up for the cause and put in papers demanding an integrated state. When Digvijay Singh gave a blunt hint that sweet news will unfold for the people of Telangana, what was the maturity the leaders of Congress and TDP had shown, he said.

Leaders of both the parties are enacting resignation drama only to hijack the movement which has erupted from the hearts of people of Seemandhra and it could be a total sell out if the people who are leading the movement yield to their theatrics, he said.

Leaders of these two parties were silent when the process of division was going on while YSRCP has written to the Home Minister that the interests of all regions should be taken into consideration before taking any decision on the issue of bifurcation.

The Centre paid no heed to our letter and when one region is on the boil, Congress and TDP leaders started their old game of playing to the gallery by offering resignations.

Delhi on the other hand has gone a step forward and State in-charge of Congress Party Digvijay Singh has been advocating about the resources of the Seemandhra region and suggesting places in coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema for a suitable capital bringing the divide and rule game into full play.

Congress has betrayed the people of Seemandhra while TDP has become a spent force and the two parties are directly responsible for the division of the state without taking proper measures to provide justice to all stake holders.

“Our Party stand has been the same. Under Article 3, the Centre has full powers to restructure any state or its boundaries. But before taking such a decision, we said, justice should be done to all regions and no part of the state should be put to any disadvantage or turmoil,” he said.

Our Party came into existence two years back and we were not there when Sri Krishna Committee toured the state and were not a party to its report. We only spoke on behalf of people of the state and are of the opinion that if a split cannot be avoided, there should be a general agreement among the parties concerned and they should part like brothers.

Instead the Congress has treated the issue in a very unilateral and dictatorial manner sparking protests from people of one region. Both Congress and TDP should take responsibility for the consequences as they are responsible for unrest that erupted following the division,” he said. INN

TDP responsible for unrest: YSRPC

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