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AP may soon have Ministry of Iftar

Hyderabad, July 27 : What is the official significance of an Iftar party? Does it fall under the purview of Ministry of Minorities Welfare or the State Minorities Commission?

Simply speaking, an Iftar party is a social gathering wherein those observing Roza break their fast while others share a date and dinner with them. Such Iftar parties have become quite routine and are not confined to Muslims or minorities. Every section of the society organises them and participates in them. However, some political leaders who are competing with each other to prove their proximity with Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy are trying to give a different meaning to an Iftar party to be hosted by him.

The State Minorities Commission on Saturday issued a note stating that Minorities Welfare Minister Mohammad Ahmadullah and Minorities Commission Chairman Abid Rasool Khan will be “reviewing the arrangements for the Iftar and Dinner” on July 29 being hosted by the Chief Minister at Nizam College Grounds on August 2.

While the Minister and other officials reviewing arrangements for Eid prayers at Idgahs were common, but by reviewing Iftar party arrangements, both the Minister and Minorities Commission chairman are trying to add a meaningless responsibility to their protocol. They have also called the officials to the venue to review the arrangements and the media has been invited to report the same.

Although some ministers used to review arrangements for Iftar hosted by the Chief Ministers in the past, but it was never given official significance. It was always treated as a non-political and non-official gathering wherein selective guests, especially from the Muslim community were invited by the Chief Minister for Iftar and dinner. However, by adding too much of significance this year, both the politicians and officials are trying to set a new trend.

If the trend continues, then the expenditure on Iftar parties will find a mention in the budget speeches and there will be an Iftar Minister in future cabinets. INN

AP may soon have Ministry of Iftar
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