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YSRCP medicos’ yeoman service

Hyderabad, June 29 : The medical cell of YSR Congress Party has done its bit in the relief and rescue operations in Uttarakhand and saved many lives and helped in providing communication facilities and ferrying people back home.

The 20-member medical team of YSR Congress was the first to land in Uttrakhand and returned with great satisfaction that it could be part of the rescue and relief operations.

“We reached Dehradun on June 19 and were the first to land and swung into action by providing medicines and other help. Only Army was carrying out the relief and rescue operations. People from our state have recognized us by the YSRCP logo and poured their heart out. We could heal them in the way possible,’ Dr Shiv Bharath Reddy who led the team told reporters here on Saturday.

Besides medication, we were also helpful in providing communication facility to their kin back home and giving them moral support.

“There was heavy rush from our State as they were visiting the Saraswathi pushkaram, and we provided medicines, clothes, communication facility and moral support. We are proud for being part of the relief and rescue operations,” the team members said.

We left for Uttarakhand on the instructions of Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and Honorary President YS Vijaymma and did not care for publicity. We were only concerned about the relief operations they said.

The 20-member team, with six doctors and para-medics had taken with them medicines worth Rs 10 lakhs and held camps at various places and Telugu people thronged to our camps seeing the party logo. Most of the patients had skin allergy (rashes), respiratory, orthopedic and other problems.

We treated them and helped them in communicating to their near ones. The moment we landed there we have seen nearly 25 dead bodies with the information available on them we could intimate to their family members and help in transporting them home. All of them belong to our state.

We held a camp at Andhra Ashram at Haridwar in which nearly 600 persons of the state were taking shelter. They were very happy to see help at hand. Most of them were facing language problem and were disturbed psychologically.

“We did our best and assure that the medical cell will be in the forefront when there is need,” they said adding that the Dehradun District Collector and SSP were very helpful. INN

YSRCP medicos’ yeoman service

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