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Stable Currency for Long-term Contracts

Hyderabad, June 27 : India is expected to generate USD 7.5 billion from Analytics Export alone, according to National Association of Software Services Companies (NASSCOM) 2020 vision.

India will soon emerge as the Analytics hub as it has immense talent in the field of core Science and Mathematics which are requisites when it comes to analytics. The amount of data produced since the days of early civilization to the year 2003, an equivalent amount of data is produced every two years now. This gives the IT businesses an opportunity to make it usable through analysis applying various disciplines of life including Social Sciences. But, to make it a sustainable business, the currency should be stable. Long-term contracts are risky when the currency fluctuates beyond a certain limit. These are the views of Som Mittal, President, NASSCOM, echoed during the Big Data & Analytics Summit 2013 held in Hyderabad today.

On the occasion, NASSCOM announced Analytics Special Interest Group to make India the global hub for analytics. The aim of the group is to provide thought leadership on structuring the growth strategies, help build holistic strategies for talent and skill development program for this space.

A report on ‘Risk and Procurement Analytics’ in association with CRISIL was also released, that showcases the industry landscape, key drivers and emerging trends for risk and procurement analytics, potential opportunity and India as the leading analytics’ hub. INN

Stable Currency for Long-term Contracts
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