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Bio-Toilets in Secunderabad-Tirupati Padmavati Express Train

Hyderabad, June 26 : Secunderabad-Tirupati-Secunderabad Padmavati Express has become the first train, running completely with in the SCR circuit, to be retrofitted with Bio-toilets on all its coaches.

The earlier ordinary toilets of this train, which runs with 19 Coaches ( 12 Sleeper Class, one AC III Tier, one AC II Tier, 3 General Second Class and two Second Class Luggage Cum Brake Van Coaches) have been fitted with Bio-toilet systems from June 26.

With this, Padmavati Express gets the distinction of being the first express train on SCR with environment friendly Bio-toilets in all coaches of a train.

As part of the eco-friendly / green initiatives of South Central Railway, Bio-toilets are being retro-fitted to the existing coaches in a big way. These will be of immense use in improving the cleanliness in the railway premises.

After successful trials, 166 Bio-toilets have already been fitted to 55 coaches so far on various trains such as Hussain Sagar Express and Padmavati Express etc. The process of setting up another 110 Boi-toilets on 32 coaches on identified trains has already been started and is likely to be completed by July, 2013. In addition, it is planned to get 192 more Boi-toilets during the current financial year for use in SCR coaches. INN

Bio-Toilets in Secunderabad-Tirupati Padmavati Express Train

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