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Citizen friendly and time bound working is the first priority: GHMC

Hyderabad, June 26 : GHMC Commissioner M T Krishna Babu, MA&UD Principal Secretary Adhar Sinha with other senior officials participated in a workshop organized for training of trainers on Citizen Charter in Panwar Hall today.

Adhar Sinha has congratulated the GHMC Commissioner for taking up the initiative immediately after receiving the Government orders for implementation of the said G.O with regard to implementation of Citizen Charter in GHMC from June 19th 2013 onwards. Sinha instructed that there is every need to sub-divide the time limit among the functionaries / staff who are working towards accomplishment of that particular task as per Citizen Charter. He opined that right from the field staff to the higher level every one must play a vital role by feeling the responsibility and taking utmost care to sort out the issues in a time bound frame.

He further stated that seriousness should start from entering of the complaint in the inward register and every official must initiate action immediately after receiving the complaint on priority for the convenience of the citizens. He further opined that officials should try to clear the smaller time limit works across the counter and first priority should be given for attending the works which are charged.

Sinha has informed that the intention of the Government is not to fine / punish the employees but to zero fine the employees and to improve the system. The Principal Secretary said that basing on the results of the pilot project there is a possibility of constituting “Public Service Delivery Act”, a statutory one by the Government.

GHMC Commissioner M T Krishna Babu has informed that from 19th June 2013 onwards citizen friendly and time bound working became the first priority of GHMC. He has instructed the officials to work towards to bringing out perceptible change in the eyes of public towards GHMC while working towards enforcement of Citizen Charter.

The Commissioner said that every official of GHMC must feel the responsibility to sort out the issues and meeting the expectations of the people is the main motto of GHMC. Resolving the grievances in a time frame is our responsibility and one should not give scope for negligence in resolving the issues intentionally for which the concerned has to face the consequences, he said.

The Commissioner further informed that the Government will be creating “Public Grievance Office” with experts from various departments including IT and Judiciary and each transaction dealt by the Public Authority such as GHMC will be recorded in the Centralized Server

Krishna Babu, said that GHMC is conducting Face to Face Programme on every month of 1st Saturday and also conducting Prajavani on every Monday huge response is being observed and the citizens are also coming up with their grievances which are being solved in a proper manner. INN

Citizen friendly and time bound working is the first priority: GHMC

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