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Disqualification cowardly act: YSRCP

Hyderabad, June 8 : Describing as a cowardly act the disqualification of rebel MLAs after the deadline for by-elections has lapsed YSR Congress has said both Congress and TDP fear that they would draw a blank if elections are held at this juncture.

“Though the MLAs had defied the whip much earlier, the Government has dragged the issue and announced the decision only after the Assembly term has completed four years so that no by-elections would be held if the term of the House is less than one year. This is nothing but a cowardly act,” Party CEC Member Uppuleti Kalpana told reporters here on Saturday.

The MLAs who voted in favour of YSR-sponsored no-confidence motion have categorically told the Speaker that they have defied the whip and asked him to disqualify them immediately but the process was dragged only to avoid by-elections which would spell doom to the ruling Congress and opposition TDP, she said.

Had the Speaker taken action immediately, YSRCP would have swept the polls and the previous experience has been haunting the two parties, she said.

Coming down heavily on TDP, she said, the opposition party in on a Save Congress mission. It moved the first no confidence motion only after PRP merged with Congress and arithmetic worked clearly that there is no threat to the existence of the Government.

When YSRCP and other opposition parties have moved the no confidence motion, TDP has issued a whip asking the MLAs not the join the other opposition parties. This shows that the two parties are working in perfect understanding.

Taking strong objection to Varla Ramaiah’s remarks on YS Bharathi, she said such comments are uncalled for and are far from truth. Even a section of media has projected that YS Bharathi had a scuffle with a cop while in reality she was telling the policeman to allow her father inside.

The distorted version was picked up by TDP leaders without verifying facts, she said. The padayatra of Naidu has evoked no response and on the contrary while he was on padayatra leader after leader had left the Party which shows that he lost grip over the party and the cadre has no faith in his leadership. While YSR family is known for a pat on the back, Chandrababu Naidu is notorious for back stabbing tactics. INN

Party CEC Member Uppuleti Kalpana
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