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NIA traces one suspect, but no arrests so far

Hyderabad, February 22: The National Investigation Agency has reportedly traced a key suspect of the Dilsukhnagar twin blast case from the footage of the CC TV cameras.

According to sources, the NIA, which checked the footage recorded by CC cameras of Saibaba Temple and Rajiv Chowk, have zeroed in on a key suspect and he is being identified. However, talking to reporters Cyberabad Commissioner Ch Dwaraka Tirmuala Rao clarified that no arrests have been made so far in the case. He said four different teams have been formed to probe into the case.

The Commissioner expressed confidence that the case would be resolved at the earliest. Reacting to the reports of alleged sabotage of CC cameras, he clarified that the CC cameras were meant for traffic supervision. He also invited people to give clues regarding the blast accused and offered a reward.

Meanwhile, Director General of Police V Dinesh Reddy who visited the Sai Baba Temple on Friday told reporters that the investigating agencies have been trying hard to trace the culprits. He said that the case was being probed from all angles and a breakthrough would be achieved soon.

However, the DGP condemned some news channels for airing speculative reports. Stating that the news channels were doing dis-service for the entire investigation, he advised them not to spread rumours and restrain from showing unconfirmed reports.

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