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Infor delivers automotive innovation throughout the Value Chain

Hyderabad, June 25 : Infor, a provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, has announced the release of Infor Automotive Exchange version 11.0 and Infor Supplier Exchange version 11.3, products that deliver embedded industry-required collaboration throughout the entire automotive supplier value chain. Infor Automotive Exchange provides automotive suppliers connectivity with their OEM and up-tier customers and Infor Supplier Exchange provides connectivity with their downstream supply chain. Each products utilises the newly unveiled Infor 10x technology platform to integrate with state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions such as Infor LN,to create an automotive industry solution suite which provides unprecedented connectivity, capabilities and user experience.

Infor Automotive Exchange works with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions such as Infor LN to create more fluid information and process flow, enabling best practices and versatile communication between manufacturers and their customers. The latest version provides contemporary, rules-based electronic data interchange (EDI) to extend the ERP and streamline the Order to Cash process.

Infor Automotive Exchange maintains compliance between the customer’s EDI and the shipping rules that are packaged within trading partner business requirements. Preconfigured business rules and trading partner formats provide ready-to-run solutions that help suppliers meet OEM requirements without custom coding or in-house design.

Infor Supplier Exchange is a web-based solution that streamlines two-way collaboration for procurement, performance metrics and billing information between manufacturers and their suppliers. By integrating with the existing ERP, Infor Supplier Exchange mitigates risks and enables lean inventory procurement policies to help drive down costs and increase customer responsiveness. Suppliers that need to address industry requirements such as MMOG/LE can now hit the ground running.

“The current state of the automotive industry requires that suppliers deliver faster to their customers and with increasingly complex products which positively impact their customer’s value chain,” said Warren Smith, Director of Global Automotive Market strategy Infor. “The latest iterations of Infor Automotive Exchange and Infor Supplier Exchange provide a significant competitive advantage through connectivity to the existing ERP while also providing a simplistic yet unified front for connecting suppliers with their customers.” INN

Infor delivers automotive innovation throughout the Value Chain

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