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CM asks officials to rescue last stranded pilgrim from Uttarakhand

Hyderabad, June 24 : Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy, who is on official tour in Visakhapatnam District, is constantly monitoring the rescue and relief operations in Uttarakhand.

According to a CMO release, all out efforts are being made by the Chief Minister and the official machinery has been fully involved and every possible step is being taken to safely bring back the stranded pilgrims and tourists of Andhra Pradesh. Kiran Kumar Reddy is constantly in touch with the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand and all other authorities concerned and sought their cooperation and coordination in safely bringing back the stranded pilgrims.

The Chief Minister is giving directions from time to time to the Ministers and Officials team and asked them to take whatever steps required and told them that round the clock efforts should continue till the last pilgrim or tourist is returned safely to their respective places in the State.

Kiran Kumar Reddy made it emphatically clear that funds will not be a problem at all in this regard. The Chief Minister wherever he is has been closely watching the situation and are in constant touch with all leaders, authorities and relief teams on the job and monitoring the situation. He also spoke to Minister Sridhar Babu and enquired the status of relief measures.

The Chief Minister Reddy today spoke to Uttarakhand Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna from Visakhapatnam District over phone and discussed with him about the relief operations. He requested Bahuguna to provide all assistance to the stranded people from Andhra Pradesh. Bahuguna informed Kiran Kumar Reddy that ministers, official teams from A.P. were extending excellent and maximum possible service in coordination with Army, Air Force and other agencies in rescue and relief operations.

Kiran Kumar Reddy, is continuously reviewing the rescue and relief measures with Sridhar Babu, Chief Secretary P K Mohanty, Resident Commissioner A.P. Bhavan and other officials concerned. He directed them to ensure that the last stranded person from the State is safely returned to their respective place and told them that there is no dearth of funds for relief measures.

They informed the Chief Minister that all efforts are being made in coordination and with the cooperation of the teams deputed from the State, Army, Air Force, Government of India officials, Uttarakhand administration is extending a helping hand to airlift and to provide treatment, medicines, food, shelter and transport arrangements to the stranded people. The officials are ensuring distribution of Rs.2000 each to the victims. They have also informed that according to the weather conditions, airlifting is being done with general and separate helicopters. The official machinery deputed from the State is personally supervising the relief measures with commitment.

Union Minister of state for Social Justice Balaram Naik, State Minister Sridhar Babu, Senior IAS officers Dr. T.Radha and Sanjay Kumar also met the Uttarakhand Chief Minister at 11 a.m today. The Uttarakhand Chief Minister promised them to extend all assistance to ensure the safe return of Andhra Pradesh pilgrims. The Chief Minister also directed the Chief Secretary to conduct inter-State coordination meeting daily, exchange information for rescue, airlifting and safe transport.

Andhra Pradesh team also requested Vijay Bahuguna to provide all possible help to the stranded AP pilgrims in airlifting them. The Chief Minister also promised to provide all help including medical assistance through Army, NDRF, BRO, civil administration. The Chief Minister thanked the Uttarakhand Government for extending all possible help to the AP team. Meanwhile, according to officials engaged in the relief operations, number of stranded pilgrims and tourists from Andhra Pradesh were 2624 according to latest reports. Of which 8 people were reported dead till date and the number of people reached A.P.Bhavan so far and left for Andhra Pradesh is 1,500. Presently 140 people are staying at A.P.Bhavan. Round the clock control rooms are working at Secretariat, all District Headquarters, A.P.Bhavan, New Delhi and Dehra Dun, Haridwar.

Calls attended at control rooms are 550 at Delhi, 423 at Secretariat, Hyderabad and relief teams working at Dehra Dun and at Haridwar. Free food, accommodation are being provided round-the-clock with free medical check-up at A.P.Bhavan, New Delhi and TTD Ashram, Rishikesh. Free transportation like taxes, buses and trains are being provided to the stranded people. One Helicopter for rescue and relief operations is being provided at Dehra Dun from today. According to officials, four teams consisting of 10 officers were deputed in two Innova vehicles from A.P. Bhavan to Dehra Dun, Haridwar and other places in Uttarkhand on 18.6.2013 to extend assistance to the pilgrims from the State.

These officers rushed to Uttarakhand to open Help Desks at Dehradun/Rishikesh/Haridwar to help, guide and facilitate the movement of stranded pilgrims of Andhra Pradesh to Delhi and onwards to their respective destinations Over the last six days these officers have been contacting the people from Andhra Pradesh who are coming out of the flood affected areas and sending them by road to Hardwar, Rishikesh and providing them emergency assistance like treatment in hospitals, food arrangement and travel arrangement to Delhi as per the need. They have also deployed 15 vehicles to evacuate people who are held up in remote areas and being them to Haridwar & Rishikesh.

The teams from AP Bhavan have so far received 1750 pilgrims from AP at Dehradun/Haridwar & Rishikesh, they have provided food to 1200 persons and arranged medical treatment to 185 persons in relief camps and hospitals. Since 18-6-2013, round the clock Control Room has been opened in Andhra Pradesh Bhavan to provide information and assistance to facilitate the movements of the stranded pilgrims who belong to Andhra Pradesh in Uttarakhand to guide/facilitate their movement to Delhi and onwards to their respective destinations. So far 973 enquiries have been received in Control room from the relatives of the stranded pilgrims from various parts of Andhra Pradesh to know about their whereabouts. Since 20-06-2013 pilgrims from Haridwar, Rishikesh have started arriving in A.P. Bhavan.

Relief camps were organized for providing free food, free medical assistance and railways reservations to these pilgrims. Round the clock medical check up is being provided with two Resident Medical Officers of A.P. Bhavan duly providing medicines to the pilgrims free of cost as per need. Arrangements have been made for 1240 pilgrims with the help of Railways authorities to send them to the different parts of A.P. by Train and with additional coaches Medical team consisting of the following from Osmania General hospital has reached Dehradun. Dr Kanthi Swaroop, physician, team leader–9989646760, Dr.Sridhar, Orthopedics, Team leader–9966126621, Dr.Prasad, Physician–9966591177, Dr. Narendra Chandra–Physician, 9848906870, Dr.Anand, General Surgeon–9908745505, Smt.Sridevi, staff nurse–9010791156, Smt.Vanila, staff nurse–9848895033 and Anil Kumar, MNO–7842967882. INN

CM asks officials to rescue last stranded pilgrim from Uttarakhand

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