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GHMC Commissioner holds review meeting with employees union

Hyderabad, June 12 : GHMC Commissioner MT Krishna Babu held a review meeting with the GHMEU recognized union President U Gopal, along with the union members and senior officials of the GHMC with regard to various employees issues in his chambers on Wednesday.

The Commissioner has explained that there is no provision for regularization of employees taken on outsourcing basis which is contrary to the spirit of act of 1992 and in this context he explained about the decision given by the Supreme Court constitutional bench in the order dated 10.04.2006 and also inform that none of the departments mention by them in their letter have observed the employees have taken in the outsourcing basis.

Krishna Babu has requested the union to submit the representation to the Corporation about the details of minimum wages being implemented in other states which are more than the minimum wages paid in Andhra Pradesh and also requested to give the proposals keeping in view of the cost of living to the extent of major cities, comparing to Nagar Panchayaths.

The Commissioner has requested the Union to submit concrete proposals to exclude certain categories mention in schedule “C “ of GHMC act, with regard to allotment of quarters on hire purchase basis the Commissioner has promised to visit the quarter to take a proper decision to sort out the issue as requested by the union.

With regard to the issue of deployment of persons from other states in maintaining of Sulabh Complexes, the Commissioner has well taken the suggestion of the union and said the decision will be taken in future for giving preference to the local people.

The Commissioner has instructed concerned officer to discuss the matter with SBH as all the savings accounts are with SBH and there is a provision up to Rs. 4 lakhs for accidental death cases towards insurance amount on payment of Rs. 100 towards premium per year. With regard to promotion to the employees of GHMC the Commissioner has explained about various promotions so far given in various categories after the formation of GHMC and also suggested to submit any specific case observed by the union to the notice of the management for taking necessary action.

Earlier, the Commissioner explained demands which are to be settled in detail with the union members and requested them not to go for strike in the interest of the citizens as it will effect the public services and further stated that the union and officers must closely monitor to achieve the demands in a proper manner without giving any scope of the general public.

Additional Commissioners L Vandan Kumar (Health & Sanitation), CN Raghu Prasad (Admn.), K Ashok Reddy (IT) and various members of the recognized union were presented in the review meeting. INN

GHMC Commissioner holds review meeting with employees union

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