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Over 1500 women participate in Siasat Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Cookery show

Hyderabad, June 1 : Over 1,500 women took part in the popular Siasat Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Cookery show at Sana Gardens near Charminar which was inaugurated by Siasat Editor Zahid Ali Khan here on Saturday.

Speaking on the occasion, Zahid Ali Khan asked women folk to eat healthy and learn good cuisines from the program. He said that this was one of the most popular programs of Siasat which was getting more popular each year but Siasat would not hesitate to organize programs wherein women could develop their skills and use them for better purposes.

Zahid Ali Khan said that Siasat had discovered the recipes of Asif Jahi Dynasty which is being documented in the form of book. The Asif Jahi document has 860 rare recipes lost with time. But Siasat is making an effort to translate them both in Urdu and English and has selected 100 recipes which will be published in the book being brought out by Siasat. The book not only has the recipes but a guideline for the preparation of these long lost recipes .This book will be out by Ramzaan so that the people of Twin cities can enjoy the food of the past history .

Siasat has always been on the forefront for empowering women through various skills and has been conducting camps in various arts and crafts, he added.

Addressing the gathering, Daspalla Hotels General Manager Vijay Tenneti lauded the efforts of the Siasat newspaper for organizing such a massive program for the benefit of women which was rare. Appreciating the efforts of Zahid Ali Khan in his endevour, he said that Daspalla Hotel was also organizing training program with the Tourism department where in the trainees are imparted training and subsequently on completion of training in the Hotel management and other areas of hoteling are given a certificate and also a stiphen . Besides the successful but worthy candidates are then absorbed.

Vijay Tenneti said that it was a rare for any newspaper to conduct such a huge massive show where in women in such large numbers participate in the program.

Freedom Sunflower Oil MD Chandrashekar, who was the guest of honour, said that the program was laudable and that a newspaper making an effort to educate their readers particularly women and also imparting them skills was praiseworthy. He said that Freedom oil was in the forefront and supporting the show.

Hotel Ashoka General Manager Srinivas and Marketing Manager Raghunandan were also present on the occasion and lauded the efforts of the newspaper.

Executive Chef Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Swaminandan said that this was not new experience yet the effort was laudable and hence Radison and Siasat had come forward to organize this event. Neha Mishra Marketing Manager Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel said that Radisson was glad to sponsor an event like that and was happy to associate with the Siasat newsapaper.

Meanwhile, Chefs Md.Lukman,Chef Md. Qamruddin and Chef Rajeev Mahor exhibited their skills in the various recipes demonstrated by them. The Chefs demonstrated Sandwiches , Salads, Fish N. Chips , Grilled Vegetable three beansalad , Murgh Rane Meherunnisa Kebab Murgh Handi Lazeez Kham Khattai Kebab-a vegetarian kebab made out of moong dal (green gram) that just looked like the Shammi Kebab besides a Kiwi Mango and yoghurt Smoothies and Banana milk shake among others .

Tomorrow the Chefs will be exhibiting Thai and Chinese cooking besides others. Executive Chef Swaminandan will lead Chef Dawa Lama (Chinese) and Chef Tapan Roy (Thai) cuisines which would include stir fry burnt garlic rice, hote and sour soup, Thai red curry Kong Bao Chicken among others.

Women interested in learning these recipes have been requested to reach the venue by 10 AM and also participate in the competition and win prizes from TMC and other sponsors. INN

Over 1500 women participate in Siasat Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Cookery show
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