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SCR celebrates Dr Ambedkar’s birth anniversary

Hyderabad, April 15 : The South Central Railway celebrated the 122nd Birth Anniversary of Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar at Rail Nilayam here on Monday.

Addressing the gathering, SCR General Manager DP Pande said that Dr Ambekdar was such a unique national leader that no one else during the last 2000 years achieved what Dr. Ambedkar did for the reformation of Indian society. He fought relentlessly for an egalitarian society, equality, dignity of individuals, eradication of discrimination, oppression against down trodden etc. His extraordinary contributions in the fields of social justice, politics and drafting of Indian constitution were highly appreciated and attracted admiration even from his adversaries.

Dr. Ambedkar strived for empowering not only the down trodden but also Indian women by making provisions in Indian Constitution. Pande said. Dr. Ambedkar was a versatile personality viz. a Barrister, Author, Editor, Educationalist, Economist, Parliamentarian, Constitutionalist, Social reformer etc..

SCR Chief Personnel Officer Sesha Sayi said that B. R. Ambedkar is a leader not only for Dalits but for every section of the society. He drafted the Indian Constitution in such a way that it paved the way for social / economic reformation and nation building. It is a measure of his personality the Babasaheb’s services have been increasingly recognized after independence, he added.

Deputy Chief Personnel Officer/Welfare Yesupadam proposed vote of thanks. INN

SCR Celebrates Dr Ambedkar's Birth Anniversary

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