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Akbar Owaisi thanks well wishers, fans

Akbar Owaisi thanks well wishers, fans

Hyderabad, February 18: MIM floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi thanked MIM party workers , well wishers and NRIs who Prayed for his release and health while he was lodged in Adilabad District Jail. He has issued the following statement on Monday evening:

“During my judicial custody in the Adilabad district jail, my close relatives, party leaders and friends who called on me informed that, irrespective of caste and creed, justice-loving people across the globe had raised their voice against my arrest. In the mosques and their homes, during sessions of Ayaat-e-Kareema and Durod e Sharif, Muslims, especially women and youth, prayed to Almighty Allah for my health and release. The reports I got in the jail strengthened my resolve and morale and cemented my confidence and trust.

Whenever I got the news about the anxiety and concern of the people for me, my eyes got moist and prayers came out of my heart. “Oh, Almighty Allah, for those who prayed for me, please alleviate their difficulties and give them strength and determination. I got saddened to know that those youth, who came to shower their affection, had to bear the lathi blows but they did not sigh. I cannot forget their sacrifices for me.

During my judicial custody, whenever I went to Nirmal, Nizamabad and Sangareddy several times to attend the courts and while returning from Adilabad to Hyderabad, I have seen with my own eyes the enthusiasm and frenzy of my admirers. My eyes got moist and I offered Duas for them. From the time of my arrest on January 8 till my release on February 16, my party leaders and colleagues demonstrated their affection and sacrifices for me. These were the moments of my life that I would always cherish. I express my gratitude to them. My lawyers also took pains for me and I am deeply indebted to them also.

I am thankful to all those from various towns and districts who called on me in the jail, braving difficulties. They gave me the feeling that, within the four walls of my prison cell, I was not alone but their blessings were with me. Their good wishes for me made me recall the days when I was subjected to a dastardly attempt on my life at Hyderabad in April 2011. Thousands of people, irrespective of caste and creed, particularly my sisters, had prayed to Almighty Allah to give me a new lease of life. Almighty Allah answered their prayers and I got a fresh life. This was Almighty Allah’s great boon to me.

On this occasion, particularly, I express my gratitude to AIMIM president and my beloved brother Asaduddin Owaisi, who, after my arrest, faced the situation squarely and calmly with lot of patience. To my relatives and close friends, who stood by me during this testing time, I cannot repay my debt for their affection because it would be like thanking myself.”

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