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Naidu padayatra, a farce: YSRCP

Hyderabad, January 10 : The padayatra of TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu has become a farce more than being a mass contact programme with theatrics and celebrations dotting the event and blatant lies renting the air throughout the course of his trek, YSR Congress has said.

“The padayatra is more focused on celebrations like a film event as it is conceived, designed and directed by film personalities and lacks seriousness. Chandrababu Naidu has been doling out false promises and telling blatant lies,” YSRCP spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters here on Thursday.

Chandrababu, who did not react to the hike in power charges, went on telling people that he foretold the present power crisis is a result of free power given by YSR government.

“He thus made it clear that that he will not give free power but his promises were quite the opposite. His promises of fees reimbursement and giving cycles to students were not honoured while he was chief minister and stipend to jobless sounds illogical as he strongly believed that there is no opportunity for jobs in government and the youth should fend for themselves in getting jobs,” he said.

Naidu has been blaming YSR for the power crisis and not Rosaiah or Kiran Kumar Reddy who actually mismanaged the power system and increased the power charges. Naidu boasting of fee reimbursement to medical and engineering students does not cut any ice with the people as he carries with him a past littered with anti-people decisions. “He has insulted farmers and agriculture and is now promising to waive loans without learning the arithmetic of the exercise and he didn’t even waive interest during his nine-year term, which was passed through severe drought,’ he said.

His projection of being the CEO of the State and its corporate style of governance has been still fresh in the minds of the people. Of the 87 public sector companies privatised in the country while TDP was in power, 47 are from Andhra Pradesh, which shows Chandrababu Naidu’s commitment for the people’s cause, he said.

The 100 days padayatra is dotted with false promises and blatant lies and it seems that it is being carried out only to create some records, whether useful or otherwise, but not to get closer to the people.

This becomes very evident with the fact that a recent survey conducted by a Congress MP has revealed that in case elections being held now, TDP will get 11 seats, Congress 29, TRS 48, BJP 4, MIM 8 and YSRCP will get 191 seats.

The survey figures, discretely circulated to all political parties, must have baffled the TDP leader who has been speaking through his hat and stooping to low levels, he said.

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