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Konda Surekha resigns from YSRCP

Hyderabad, July 30 : Former minister Konda Surekha has announced her resignation from the YSR Congress party.

Addressing a crowded press conference at Somajiguda Press Club here on Tuesday, Surekha along with KK Mahender Reddy, G Balakrishna Reddy, Rajsingh Thakur and others, said that they were forced to quit the YSRCP as it went back on its stand on Telangana issue. She said that the party has supported formation of Telangana during its plenary session. However, he said the resignation of 16 MLAs in favour of united Andhra Pradesh has proved that it was a party of integrationists.

Surekha also accused party’s honorary president Vijayamma of leaking her letter to the media. She said that Vijayamma tried to humiliate Telangana leaders including her. Stating that she was resigning from the party, she said she was liberating herself from the slavery. INN

Konda Surekha resigns from YSRCP

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