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Rectify voter list errors by July 13: YSRCP

Rectify voter list errors by July 13: YSRCP

Hyderabad, July 10 : YSR Congress has said that the voters list has been tampered in Pileru assembly constituency and demanded the Election Commissioner to rectify the errors on time allowing all eligible voters to take part in the democratic process.

“The names of many supporters of YSRCP in Chief Minister’s constituency have been deleted though they have voter ID cards while Congress workers are having dual voting rights. We have urged the EC to look into the irregularities and he referred the matter to District Collector. We demand that the electoral rolls should be set right before the closing of nominations,’ Party spokesperson Janak Prasad and the affected people told reporters here on Wednesday.

While the names of supporters of YSRCP supporters are being deleted in various villages, those who are in support of Congress are being registered at more than one place. “Misuse of official machinery is in full play in deleting the names of opponents and this trend should be reversed and all eligible voters should have the chance to vote and contest,” they said.

The irregularities are more in the Chief Minister’s home constituency while the trend is same in other places as well.

The Chief Minister has been violating the election code by making announcements on Pulichinthala project and even the Irrigation Development Corporation officials have been giving statements which go against the code, they said.

We demand that the voters’ rolls should be in order and all those names deleted should be included before July 13which is the last date for nominations for the first phase. INN

Rectify voter list errors by July 13: YSRCP

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