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GHMC to act tough against plastic bags usage

GHMC to act tough against plastic bags usage

Hyderabad, June 3 : GHMC Commissioner MT Krishna Babu said that major chain shops in the limits of GHMC should voluntarily announce some good initiatives that they are going to bring about in order to protection of environment and discourage people from the usage of plastic by 15th June in connection with the World Environment Celebrations starting from 5th June onwards.

The Commissioner along with Additional Commissioner (H&S) and AMOH’s of 18 circles held a meeting with major Plastic Manufacturing Industries, Shop owners, Wholesale, Retail dealers, shopping malls with regard to ban and usage of plastic carry bags below 40 microns as per the notification of the Ministry of Environment & Forest, Government of India.

The Commissioner said that to start with major chain outlets / networks shops to provide bags (Jute/Cloth bags) with subsidies cost to the customers in order to discourage the use of plastics.

The Commissioner said that every shop owner must display stickers / Posters / banners in and around the premises of their shops and at the cash counter about the rates of the jute carry bags and other carry bags which are being sold to the customers for carrying the items. The shop owners must give a discount to the customers who bring their own jute bags again for carrying the items as per the prescribed rate displayed at the cash counters.

The GHMC is going to inspect all the shops and business establishments and if anybody has found without displaying the above said instructions will impose a penalty of Rs. 2,000 and continuous inspections will be taking place. He further said that in spite of the fines imposed if things have not changed heavy penalties will be imposed and also revoking the DNO trade license and even the seizure of shops for non implementation of the orders specified there in.

The Commissioner said that a innovative scheme has been taken up by Kukatpally Rythu Bazar management whoever comes along with a big jute bag etc., without using plastic carry bags after thorough search they will be supplied a gift coupon to participate in the lucky draw and can win up to Rs. 1 lakhs worth of gold and the draw will be held at the Kukatpally Rythu Bazar after 40 days starting from 5th June.

The Reliance Fresh Limited, Shopper’s Stoppe, City Malls, Big Bazaar, Food World, Ratnadeep Super Market, Rainbow Industries, Chintamani Plastic Industries, Balaji Grand Bazar, Durga Plastics, Popular Plastics, many more reputed business managements and officials from FAPCCI have participated in the meeting. INN

GHMC to act tough against plastic bags usage

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