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Congress will never give Telangana: BJP

Hyderabad, May 19: The Bharatiya Janata Party on Sunday said that one need not be shocked or surprised on the statement made by AICC Spokesperson PC Chacko that Telangana was not the agenda of UPA’s Common Minimum Programme.

BJP Spokesperson N Ramchander Rao alleged that the Congress, as a party and as a major constituent of UPA since beginning, has been diverting the Telangana issue on one or the other pretext.  “The Congress party has betrayed the people of Telangana as the statement of spokesperson of that party is the real voice of the Congress as a party,” he said.

Ramchander Rao said that those political parties or leaders who still feel that the Congress was for Telangana or Congress might give Telangana were either living in “fools paradise or deceiving themselves.”

“At least now the people of Telangana should realise that BJP is the only National Party which is consistently committed to the cause of Telangana and hence, the Congress and its allies whoever it may be should be out rightly rejected and taught a fitting lesson,” he said.


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