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Naidu singing Congress tunes: YSRCP

Naidu singing Congress tunes: YSRCP

Hyderabad, May 18 : Reiterating that the main opposition TDP has been working in tandem with ruling Congress in many ways, YSR Congress has said that Chandrababu Naidu has been singing to the tune of Delhi high command, more so after his recent visit to the national capital.

It is very obvious, that Naidu who never talked about the tainted ministers has suddenly making noise, meeting the Governor and planning to meet the President on the issue, though he never raised it while the Assembly was in session. This is a clear indication that TDP is acting as per the instructions of Delhi high command and for mutual benefit,” party MLA Sreekanth told reporters here on Saturday.

Naidu raising the tainted ministers’ issue after his Delhi tour establishes the fact that the two parties have come to an understanding for the 2014 elections and will work out the Tamil Nadu model where the TDP votes will be transferred to Congress for Lok Sabha and the latter will help the former in the Assembly constituencies, he said.

The sequence of events stands a proof to the tacit understanding and the voting pattern in the recent by-polls and MLC elections shows that they have joined hands to face the common adversary YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Despite such degeneration in political values by the ruling and main opposition parties, people are with YSRCP and it has been proved beyond doubt on many occasions and the trend will continue, he said.

Though Chandrababu Naidu had many occasions to rake up the tainted ministers’ issue, he started the demand only after his return from Delhi recently while the state leaders are shuttling between the city and Delhi and a conspiracy has been in full play, he said.

When the no confidence motion was moved, TDP did not raise the issue nor did it support the trust vote, at the Centre it allowed its MPs to abstain from Rajya Sabha during the crucial voting on FDI and the tie-up has been visible in the by-elections and even other aspects of governance.

“The motive is that Naidu should be untouched by the investigation agencies on the allegations he is facing and he will help Congress in any which way that would benefit it. The common aim is to keep YS Jagan away from people,” he said.

Naidu has no morals as he usurped the party, chief minister post and the Gandipet party office with his manipulative skills. Instead of highlighting the failure of Kiran Kumar Reddy government that has been pursuing anti-people policies, the TDP president has been acting as per the directions from Delhi Congress high command. In return, we believe, that he will be free from all the allegations and numerous cases of corruption pending against him, he said.

“With such questionable credentials, Naidu has no right to criticize YSR family. While it is clear that he is game with Congress, TDP leader has been trying to project that we have an understanding with Congress. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is known to fight the Congress and not to compromise like Naidu,” he said. INN

Naidu singing Congress tunes: YSRCP

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