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Chimpanzee injures three at Zoo Park

Hyderabad, April 24 : Three workers of Nehru Zoological Park were injured by a Chimpanzee by name ‘Suzi’ which had set herself free from its enclosure for a few minutes on Wednesday.

According to the officials, the female Chimpanzee opened the latch and the nut bolt system using her long fingers from inside the night house, opened the door and walked out of the night house. The animal keeper who was trying to open the door to let the animal out into the moat, immediately noticed the chimpanzee walking out and followed it. The chimpanzee moved towards the food court area. At the same time two workers were engaged in cleaning the food court area and one garden worker was busy sweeping the lawns nearby.

The chimpanzee injured two food court workers, one on the calf portion and another on the Ankle. The Garden worker was injured on the palm. After this, the chimpanzee moved to the lawn which is barricaded from all the sides and sat quietly on the corner.

The veterinary staff of Zoo Park arrived at the spot and with the help of animal keeper gave a mild sedation to the Chimpanzee. Once the sedation took effect the chimpanzee was shifted back to the night house, where it has revived fully and is alert again. The chimpanzee is in perfect health and there are no injuries to the animal, the authorities said.

The three injured persons were treated as out-patients at Fever Hospital at Nallakunta. INN

Chimpanzee injures three at Zoo Park Three Workers of Nehru Zool Logical Park Injured Chimpanzee

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