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BJP demands Mayor’s dismissal

Hyderabad, February 5 : The Bharatiya Janata Party on Tuesday demanded that the State Government remove Mohammad Majid Hussain from the post of GHMC Mayor for violating the provisions of the GHMC Act.

In a memorandum submitted to Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister M Maheedhar Reddy, BJP senior leader Bandaru Dattatreyya alleged that the Mayor was not conducting the GHMC ordinary meeting only to prevent BJP candidate C Uday Kumar from taking oath as the Langar Houz division corporation. Addressing a press conference, Dattatreyya said that the Mayor’s acts were “deliberate disobedience of court orders.”

Quoting Section 679-AA and 679-B of the GHMC Act, Dattatreyya said that Majid Hussain has violated these sections and therefore, the State Government could remove him from his post. INN

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