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Govt vs Party at Centre could break no ice

Hyderabad, January 28: It seems to be Government versus Congress party at the Centre with Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde and State-in-charge Ghulam Nabi Azad taking contrasting stands.

Shinde, representing the government, had announced that a decision will be taken in one month while Azad, speaking on behalf of the party, said that one month need not be 30 days and there is no time limit on the issue.

Sticking to the deadline, Shinde announced that the Government needs more time and has to consult leaders of all regions.

The one-upmanship came to the fore with Ghulam Nabi Azad calling the press to his residence last evening and the Home Minister issuing a brief note that the decision is deferred and more time is needed to resolve the issue.

The practice is that the Home Minister takes the final call and party spokespersons communicate and defend the decision of the Government. The fall out is that the suspense and agitation will go on for some more time.

With budget session ahead, Congress may not force any decision unless there is serious pressure and will try to manage its members as leaders of both regions are ready to quit which may bring in constitutional crisis both at the State and Centre. There can be no middle path and a snap poll is not ruled out after the budget session, in the meanwhile tensions and trauma will continue, so it appears.

TRS is bound to mount pressure on Telangana Congress leaders while Seemandhra leaders will give an impression that they are ready to quit any time.

The other option is to have an extended committee to work out modalities, which include backward areas development package with special focus on Telangana, and probabilities of an amicable solution by setting up a committee with members drawn from a larger section representing experts in various fields. This exercise will take longer time, but has a logic as the bifurcation instead of taking place on sentiments and emotions should have a concrete roadmap.

Such an exercise can only happen when a decision is taken in principle to bifurcate the State and the Centre is not in a position do it immediately.

In KCR’s words, “we have to fight for territorial Telangana keeping aside ideologies and party affiliations. After achieving the goal we can fight on party lines.” But how many takers are there to this slogan is doubtful.

So the confusion continues along with the search for a “suitable solution.”


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