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Congress should come clear on Telangana: YSRCP

Hyderabad, December 22 : Since Congress is one of the political parties invited to the December 28 All Party meeting, it is prudent on part of the Centre to seek its stand on Telangana before eliciting the views of other parties, YSR Congress has said.

“Government is answerable to Parliament and not to the Congress Party. As Congress is the major Party in the State, it has to spell out its stand before the All Party Meeting and others will follow suit,” Party CGC member Dr MV Mysoora Reddy told reporters here on Saturday.

As the government is a continuous process, the need to have an All Party meeting every time a new Home Minister takes charge seems to be beyond rhyme and reason, he said.

Earlier, two All Party Meetings were held which was followed by appointment of Sri Krishna Commission which gave its report on the Telangana issue.

All records are available with the Government and the Home Minister telling that the December 28 meeting is to get to know of the views is not convincing, he said adding that it looks as if the meeting was convened to please the Congress members from Telangana region ahead of the voting on FDI in the retail sector.

As the Union executive is answerable to Parliament and not to any political party, Congress is also a participant in the All Party meeting and it should tell its stand categorically before the meeting to establish its sincerity on the issue, he said.

Decision taking power lies with the Centre and it is answerable to parliament. We are not asking the Government but are only asking Congress to tell its stand, he said.

It is the Centre that has to take a decision on the issue and not the Congress, and the ambiguity between the Government and Congress Party should be differentiated with clarity, he said.

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