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TDP saves UPA in Rajya Sabha

New Delhi, Dec 7 : Amidst a strong notion that Congress and TDP have ganged up and are working in tandem, the TDP members walked out from the Rajya Sabha along with BSP and SP members to enable UPA to win the vote on FDI in Rajya Sabha.

TDP has five members in the upper house of which T Devender Goud, Sujana Choudhary and G Sudha Rani did attend the House but did not take part in the voting.

TDP which was born on anti-Congress plank, of late has been accused of being close to ruling Congress and has been playing the role of a very supportive opposition.

However, TDP has its own defense as it is a strong votary of globalization it cannot say no to FDI but at the same time it cannot sail with Congress, so the best way is to abstain from voting.

Ideologies apart, TRS which has parted ways with Congress did vote with the Opposition and TDP has to go an extra mile to explain its decision to abstain from voting, that too when things are not very well for the Party in the State.

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