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City fails healthy biodiversity test

Hyderabad scored 36 out of 92; It scored poorly in recreational and education services for children If this was an exam, the city would have failed miserably.

Greater Hyderabad has scored zero (out of four) in three indicators and one in 12 indicators regarding healthy biodiversity.

Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, after releasing the index at the ‘Cities for Life’ summit said, “The city scored 36 out of 92 points considering 23 indicators. The report will be put up for validation.”

Based on the Convention on Biodiversity endorsed manual, the index revealed that the pressure of built-up areas and human influence have clearly shown on the majority of the city lakes.

The natural rocky areas have been exploited for stone and layout developments. The city has huge, dense building areas compared to green patches.

The first 10 indicators of “native biodiversity in city” have contributed 15 out of the maximum score of 40 and indicators related to “ecosystem services provided by biodiversity in the city” contributed only four out of 16. Those related to governance and management of biodiversity in the city contributed to a score of 17 out of 40. There has also been a reduction in the density of species of birds, butterflies, reptiles and freshwater fishes.

The city scored worst in recreational and education services for children.

In budget allocations too, the city scored one mark though officials claimed that around `57.53 crore was spent out of the total budget of `3,600 crore.

GHMC commissioner M.T. Krishna Babu said, “We can improve on some indicators.

Regarding percentage area of green cover, it is difficult. But we have shortlisted certain indicators, for example rivers and lakes, that we can improve.”

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