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T-decision taken after wider consultations: Chidambaram

New Delhi, August 12 : Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram reiterated that the decision to form Telangana was taken after holding wider consultations with all the political parties and other stakeholders.

Replying to the debate in Rajya Sabha on Monday, Chidambaram said that the consultations were held when he was the Home Minister and two all-party meetings were held to discuss the issue. Referring to the Srikrishna Committee report, he said that the committee redressed several issues. Dismissing the allegation that no homework was done, he said that the constitution of Srikrishna Committee and other consultations was the homework done before taking a decision. Even, an earlier decision was kept in abeyance to hold further consultations.

Chidambaram said that each party goes through its own methods of decision making and therefore, the Congress party took the decision through Congress Working Committee. He said when a decision taken by TDP could be democratic, then why the Congress decision was being called autocratic. He said parties also change their stand on some issues. Citing an example, he said the BJP took decision against Telangana formation in April 2002. However, it later changed its stand.

The Finance Minister said that a comprehensive cabinet note was being prepared and each and every issue would be considered before the government takes its decision. He said subjects like sharing of river water, electricity, security for all three region, status of Hyderabad and other issues would be redressed. He said the views expressed by all political parties and the members who participated in the debate would be kept in mind. He said that the formation of Telangana would take place through a constitutional process.

Chidambaram said that he had the time-table adopted for formation of Jharkhand and other States. However, he said Telangana formation would not take so longer. INN

T-decision taken after wider consultations: Chidambaram
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