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Naidu shielding Cong government: YSRCP

Naidu shielding Cong government: YSRCP

Hyderabad, May 20 : YSR Congress has asked N Chandrababu Naidu to put an end to his theatrics like seeking the President’s intervention to sack the tainted ministers even as he is on a Save Congress mission by assuring the safety of Kiran Kumar government in the state.

TDP leaders’ Delhi visits are always linked to some major development in the state which has become Naidu’s wont and demanding the removal of a select few ministers only means that he is shielding the Congress government, party spokesperson Gattu Ramachandra Rao told reporters here on Monday.

“If the ministers are tainted, the GOs have mala fide intentions and were issued against the business rules in which case, Naidu should be seeking the President’s intervention to dissolve the assembly. After the stage is set for the removal of two ministers, Naidu shows his theatrics by going to the President and seeking the removal of the ministers.

The government has filed an affidavit with the Supreme Court that the GOs were issued in accordance to the business rules and now Naidu naming the ministers as tainted tantamount to questioning the credentials of the GOs.

When Naidu faced a similar situation in the liquor case and IMG case, he contended that the GOs were issued by a majority (elected) government and it was in the policy of the government and it cannot be questioned.

The same yardstick can also apply in the 26 GOs as well, but neither Naidu nor the Chief Minister is prepared to take that line. They only wanted some short term gains like putting YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in jail by not filing a counter.

When the issue became larger, it misfired and the ministers are placed in a piquant situation. If Naidu’s contention is that the ministers are tainted the GOs must be wrong then he should be asking for the ouster of cabinet or the dissolution of the Assembly, he said.

Naidu has an understanding with Congress high command which is guarding him from all the allegations he is facing and the state government is working in tandem against the common adversary YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Had Naidu supported the No Confidence Motion moved by YSRCP and TRS, the Centre would have unleashed CBI against him.

The perfect understanding between ruling Congress and main opposition TDP had made him remain silent while the no trust vote was moved and has been getting advance information on the high command moves so that he can act his bit as the opposition leader, the reason why he is in Delhi and days before that he met the Governor on the same issue. He did not raise the issue while the assembly was in session shows his double standards, he said.

He also made a big show of the book at Delhi, but his political ally CPM has published books against him and his shady deals. Naidu has never faced a trial and no court has given him a clean chit and people will believe him only if he voluntarily agrees for a probe into all the allegations he is facing, Ramachandra Rao said. INN

Naidu shielding Cong government: YSRCP
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