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We can sail with any front: KCR

Hyderabad, January 28 : Hinting that TRS is prepared to be part of some other coalition as Congress has been deliberately delaying the Telangana process, K Chandrasekhar Rao accused Sonia Gandhi of playing with the sentiments of the people of Telangana.

The TRS supremo slammed the Congress leaders for being in a party which does not respect the local sentiments and said his party will seek the support of some other coalition if not UPA. “It is shameful for the leaders to stay in the party despite so many insults and rejections. If they are only after power and drift away from people, they will have to pay a heavy price,” he said at the Samara Deeksha here on Monday.

Spitting fire at the Centre, he said how many more discussions and meetings will it conduct. These are only to bid time away as the Centre is not keen in solving the problem.

“Our ultimate goal is to achieve Telangana. For this we need not be submissive to UPA. If not UPa we some other dispensation will come to help us,” he said.

Doling out the region wise statistics, he said, while the revenue from Telangana is more, the expenditure in Andhra region is more. The discrimination continues and we have to break the shackles.

Coming down heavily on the State Congress leaders, he said “these people have no self respect. They are only pawns in the hands of high command and have no concern to the cause of Telangana.”

Projects in Rayalaseema have come up without any permission and water was diverted from Telangana though Pothireddypadu, he said. Enough is enough we will live our own way if the state is given, he said. INN

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