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Congress walks on tight rope

Hyderabad, January 26: With leaders from both the sides up in arms and gearing up for resignations over Telangana issue, the Centre has but few options left as its own folk is divided on regional lines.

Kiran Kumar Reddy Government is placed on a tender majority, after one round of exodus and some members not happy with the state and centre’s conduct. Opposition parties may think that this could be the best opportune time to go in for a kill.

Only TDP seems to be not interested in toppling the State Government as the recent surveys point out that it is not favourably placed. Its own house too is not in order.

TRS can harp on the support of MIM, a good chunk of MLAs and ministers even as it is understood that they are willing to forego the seats to accommodate those who quit Congress or TDP.

An election at this junction favours only the opposition parties and not Congress or TDP either. At such a delicate situation, Congress has to try to keep its flock together, which is not an easy task this time as the TRS offer is irresistible.

The Kiran Kumar Reddy government is hanging on a weak rope and how it will be resurrected is a million dollar question, given the present confusing situation.

Leaders from both regions are ready to put in their papers and they have quite contrasting demands and the recent survey that TRS and YSRCP will get 50 per cent of the votes will surely have a telling effect on the decision.

Who moves fast and has a better strategy counts. For Congress to save the government is as good as winning the polls. For smaller parties, sub-regional or otherwise, it will be a show of strength.

Any which way, things will be on the boil before the budget session, if there would be one.


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