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Princess Niloufer prepares for legal battle to meet father

Hyderabad, Nov 19 : Princess Niloufer, daughter of the current titular Nizam of Hyderabad, Mukarram Jah, said that she would move court seeking permission to meet her father.

Speaking to select media representatives here on Monday evening, Niloufer alleged that Princess Esra Birgin, Mukarram Jah’s ex-wife and GPA holder for his properties, was not allowing her to meet her father for over two years. However, she said that she would move to court to clear the obstacles.

Niloufer said that she would also continue the legal fight to take the Chiran Palace which was given to her by Mukarram Jah. She also expressed her desire to shift to Hyderabad after finishing her final year of college. She is presently studying PR and Business at Montreux, Switzerland. She said she was now 21 years old and as a major, she would fight for her rightful share in the ancestral properties.

She also said that she plans to start charitable works in Hyderabad on the lines of what she has been doing in Istanbul.

Niloufer’s mother and Mukkaram Jah’s third ex-wife Manolya Onur alleged that Princess Esra was trying to encroach upon the rights of Niloufer by not allowing her to meet the father. She said that the legal battle for ancestral properties has been going in the courts for the 16 years. However, she said she would continue the legal battle until she and her daughter gets their rightful share.

It may be mentioned that Mukarram Jah’s two ex-wives – Esra and Manolya are engaged in a legal battle for their control over ancestral properties worth more than Rs 2,000 crore.


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