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Raahgiri paid rich tributes to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Hyderabad, August 2: For several months now, every Sunday Raahgiri has been witnessing full of action, activities, fun, frolic activities and social awareness drives. Infact Raahgiri, has become a most awaited event people are looking forward to every Sunday.

Nearly 1500 people turned up to Raahgiri today to pay rich tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who recently passed away. The regulars and new comers turned up in large numbers to celebrate Friendship Day. They turned with their gangs too. Holding placards they moved all over the road, greeted people to mark Friendship Day and celebrate the same. They held proudly placards to show the world that it is their ‘gang’, which they cherish the most.

Raahgiri has been continuously providing platform and encouraging people to take up social issues to create awareness for the same. Many a social causes, issues, noble thoughts have been highlighted by Raahgirians every Sunday. This Sunday too was no exception. People enthusiastically flashed placards to create awareness for “Carpooling” and “Car Free Thursday” .

Some of them used the road as their canvas to scribble beautiful messages on Friendship and painted pictures on the causes dear to their hearts. (INN)


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