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Cyberabad Police to understand psyche of eve-teaser

Hyderabad, August 2: Cyberabad SHE TEAMS have introduced a Q & A method to understand the psyche of an eve-teaser.

The questionnaire has various questions ranging from a person’s family background to the factors which are contributing to his impulse to commit a crime against women. This valuable data is handed over to a group of trained professional counselors who engage the accused in a conservation to make them realize that what they are doing is not acceptable and to educate them about the repercussions of having a criminal record.

The main purpose is to address all the factors that give rise to criminality which exists in the society and to get rid of the ingredients that breed crime, by involving the family. This gives them an opportunity to realise the stigma and consequences.

SHE TEAMS counselling is conducted every Saturday in CAW (Crime against women) Cell located in CP Cyberabad Office, Gachibowli. Offenders caught by the teams in the previous week are called along with their families.

Counselling is closely monitored by the undersigned She Teams in-charge, DCP Malkajigiri, Rama Rajeshwari IPS. Before commencing the counselling, the counselors collect the data on number of clients, what they are accused of, age, occupation etc, followed by “Goal setting” which are mainly legal awareness, gender sensitivity and how to respect/protect opposite gender.

After establishing a rapport with the clients the counselors listen to the crime profile as told by the DCP and team. Videos depicting the crime are shown too. Subsequently EAR (Examine, Accept, Reject thought) is explained to them and an attempt is made to understand their perception on the difference between pleasure and happiness. Case studies are given to them regarding women victims.

While counselling the students, SHE TEAMS show them short films on victims of violence and the trauma they undergo. An attempt is made to understand the prime goals of student’s life and they are directed to achieve the above path. They are also asked to give specific reasons on what triggers them to resort to public harassment of women.

The outcome of these counselling sessions are yielding good results, where in most of these offenders feel guilty of their act and promise the cops that they won’t repeat it ever.

Since, the families are also involved, there is a societal pressure on the offenders to change their ways as they are exposed.

On the other hand, numbers of cases caught by and reported to SHE TEAMS have gone up. Ever since, Cyberabad Control (Dial 100) was integrated to SHE TEAMS, the frequency of getting a distress call from a women caller has gone up. The nature of such incidents varies from obscene behavior over phone, stalking, teasing, filming girls without their knowledge etc.,

Cyberabad WhatsApp Citizen – Connect program has a separate group for SHE TEAMS which receives 3-4 cases everyday on an average. As the responses given by SHE TEAMS are prompt, this group also started receiving complaints on marital disputes, neighborhood issues, Cyber bullying etc.

Cyberabad Facebook Page is used for receiving online complaints and to create awareness through public campaigns. Even senior citizens have started sending mails to SHE TEAMS for protection. (INN)


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