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Anti-Littering checks by SCR yield Rs 6.3 lakhs penalty

Hyderabad, May 10 : South Central Railway apprehended 3128 persons for violating rules related to littering, spitting etc., at railway premises during the April, 2014 as a result of intensive checks in all the six Divisions of SCR. An amount of Rs. 6.3 Lakh was realized from these offenders towards penalty.

During the said period, 3128 persons i.e., 258 persons in Secunderabad Division, 1451 persons in Vijayawada Division, 1028 persons in Guntakal Division, 6 persons in Hyderabad Division, 106 persons in Nanded Division and 279 persons in Guntur Division were detected and penalized for violating the guidelines on maintaining cleanliness at Railway premises.

The Indian Railways (Penalties for Activities Affecting Cleanliness at Railway Premises) Rules, which came into effect from November, 2012, authorizes the Railway administration to penalize any person / passenger who is found either littering or spitting or urinating or defecating or pasting posters or dumping garbage at railway premises such as stations, trains etc., with a penalty up to Rs. 500/-

These provisions are being vigorously implemented on all the six Divisions of SCR by Station Masters, Ticket Collectors and other railway officials who are authorized to detect and penalize the offenders. SCR strives to maintain proper cleanliness in railway promises towards providing a clean and pleasant atmosphere at railway premises.  INN

Anti-Littering checks by SCR yield Rs 6.3 lakhs penalty

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