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Digvijay telling lies: YSRCP

Digvijay telling lies: YSRCP

Hyderabad, August 21 : Strongly refuting the statement of Congress leader Digvijay Singh that YSR Congress has given its consent for the bifurcation of the state, Dr MV Mysoora Reddy has said “our Party was explicit in seeking justice to all regions.”

‘At the All Party Meeting held at Delhi on December 28, 2012, we have given a letter to Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde asking the Centre to consider all issues and take a decision that would be acceptable to all concerned,” he told reporters here on Wednesday.

Digvijay Singh now telling that YSR Congress has given its nod to the division of the state is a blatant lie and our letter is with the Government where we made our stand clear and we were categorical that the Centre should take a decision like a father and find a solution that would be acceptable to all.

“All what we request from you is a solution acceptable to all without injustice to any one taking into consideration all aspects and problems, at the earliest, in a fair, just and equitable manner as a father would do.

This has been our stand and nowhere did we give the nod for the bifurcation of the state. We stressed on the need for doing justice to all sections after considering all probable consequences. A senior leader like Digvijay Singh trying to distort our stand certainly has political motives”, he said.

Meanwhile, addressing a separate press conference, party spokesperson Gattu Ramachandra Rao said the governance in the State has gone for toss with leaders shuttling between Delhi and the state capital and the YSR welfare schemes are being watered down.

Aarogyasri, has been punctured to the maximum possible manner by removing 80 hospitals and 132 aliments from the list. While doctors contend that the reimbursement is not sufficient for cardiac surgery, the government has been adamant and kept common man out of the purview of quality treatment.

Since August 15, heart surgeries were not taken up in 74 hospitals due to the adamant attitude of the government in reimbursement, he said.

There has been apathy even in disbursement of pensions. While YSR has increased the pensions from Rs 75 to Rs 200 and ensured that the amount is reached at the doorstep on first of every month, the present government has diluted the scheme and disbursement has been erratic.

The government contends that pensions would be distributed only during Rachabanda programme. The last such programme was held in December 2011 and applications of 7 lakh eligible persons were not cleared as the shuttle services between Delhi and the city got busy with ministers and Chief Ministers running up and down.

While the pensions disbursed has increased from 16 lakh to 71 lakh in 2008 in YSR term, during the present government the pensions have come down by 4 lakh while budget has increased from Rs 1, 03,000 crores to Rs 1, 60,000 crores, which is a mystery.

We demand that the government should take up the welfare schemes and ensure that pensions and Aarogyasri reimbursements should be disbursed immediately, he said. INN

Digvijay telling lies: YSRCP
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