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Mysura objects to DGP’s threat of cases

Hyderabad, Aug 8 : Taking strong objection to DGP Dinesh Reddy threatening to file cases against Seema Andhra people who have been agitating against the division of the state, YSR Congress Party said on Thursday that it would withdraw all such cases when it comes to power.

“The people in Seema Andhra area are agitating to express their concerns and problems arising out of the unilateral decision of the Congress party to divide the state. But the DGP has said they have kept a vigil over the agitation. He is threatening to implicate the agitators in cases. I can only tell one thing for sure in this regard. Our party will come into power and withdraw all such cases,” YSR Congress party senior leader and party Political Affairs Committee member Dr. M.V.Mysura Reddy told a media conference here at the party headquarters.

Calling the Union Minister A.K.Antony-led high power committee as the most useless and powerless one, Mysura said it is only a party political committee and not a Governmental one. “It cannot solve the concerns and problems being expressed by all sections of people in Seema Andhra area. Employees, trade unions, students and others are involved in the voluntary agitation .There is no use for them in expressing their concerns to the Antony Committee as it is not connected to people and the Government,” he observed.

He said the Congress leadership has been treating the issue as its own affair while neglecting the people’s concerns. Asking the Centre to come out with a concrete proposal on how it can solve the issue of distribution of water, Dr Mysura Reddy said most of the projects in the state would become inter-state projects after the division and would be the potential sources for disputes.

Srisailam, Nagarjuna Sagar, Nettempadu, Kalvakurti, Galeru, Handri-Niva, Handri Niva, and most other projects are surviving on surplus water only and there is allotment of water for them by any tribunal. “There was no allotment of water made by Bachawat Tribunal. Brijesh Tribunal is also yet to finish its work. And without solving these water issues, how can the state be divided?” he asked, adding the same is the case with the Godavari Ayacut area.

The Centre should come out with a concrete proposal on all these issues apart from spelling out its clear cut stand on the Hyderabad city which has been the capital for all the people for the last 60 years.

Dr. Mysura said both Congress and TDP MPs have been enacting political drama by staging dharna in Parliament. “When Congress Working Committee has taken a unilateral decision on the issue, what is the use of staging dharna in the Parliament, that too in the presence of Sonia Gandhi?” he asked, adding that if they are sincere in their efforts, the Congress public representative in the state should meet the Governor and withdraw their support to the Government in the state.

He also lambasted the TDP MPs for their stance in staging dharna in parliament while their party chief Chandrababu Naidu informed the Seema Andhra employees that he couldn’t withdraw his support to the formation of Telangana state. “Instead, they should try to convince their leader to take back his letter of support to the formation of Telangana,” he demanded. INN

Mysura objects to DGP’s threat of cases
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