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1500 Jain businessmen to become monk for a day

1500 Jain businessmen to become monk for a day

Hyderabad, Aug 8 : Nearly 1,500 city Jain businessmen and professionals would renounce daily comforts for a day on 18th August and lead a life of Jain monks, declared Sri Vardhman Stanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh addressing a press conference here on Thursday.

The day long function will be held on 18th August at Sri Shivkushal Garden, Bungalow No. 25, Burton Road, Sadar Bazar, Bollaram, informed GM Surana President of the Sri Vardhaman Stanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh. Months beginning from July to October are considered holy months for Jains. During this period, Jains become more religious, do rigorous fasting, attend religious meetings, and are more into spirituality. Some even give up night meals, just surviving on water.

This time around city’s 1500 Jains who are into business and various professions are to give up all their personal comforts for a day on 18th August. Sporting a monk’s attire, dhoti and all, they will carry a special broom to sweep any insects that may cross their path. They will wear a cloth over the mouth to prevent accidental harm to airborne germs and insects. They also will not use electricity as it involves violence informed Gautam Jain Lodha, Working President. INN

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