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Shabbir Ali sends giant list of failed promises to KCR

Hyderabad, March 4 (INN): Of 101 major promises made before and after coming to power, Chief Minister K Chandrashekar has fulfilled just three promises, partially implemented 18 while as many as 80 other promises remained unimplemented during its nine-month regime or 276 days in power.

This was stated by Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Vice-President Mohammed Ali Shabbir after unveiling a giant 10-feet “Promise Tracker” at Gandhi Bhavan here on Wednesday. “Since KCR is behaving like a monarch, we have designed the ‘Promise tracker’ in the style of a ‘Shahi Farman’. At least its design and looks will prompt the Chief Minister to have a look at the promises that he made with the people,” he said.

The giant ‘Farman-e-Shahi’ contains a list of 101 Major promises which KCR made with the people of Telangana. It has three adjacent columns of Implemented, Not Implemented and Partially Implemented. “While the Congress party has ticked in those columns, we are sending the sheet with blank columns to the Chief Minister so that he himself could tick against the promises and do a self-assessment of his performance,” said Shabbir Ali adding that the Congress party picked only 101 major promises. “If we include all the promises in the list, then even 10 such sheets will not be sufficient,” he said.

Shabbir Ali alleged that KCR has been taking advantage of the weak public memory and has been on a spree of making new promises every day without giving any importance to their implementation. He listed out some of the promises which either remained unfulfilled or were partially implemented. For instance, of about 2,000 martyrs of Telangana, Rs 10 lakh compensation was paid to only 459 families. None of them got the promised jobs or other benefits.

Similarly, the Congress leader said only 25% of the amount towards crop loan waiver was released with no clarity on when the remaining 75% amount will be cleared. The promised eight hour power supply for farmers remained a non-reality. Instead, the erratic power supply and insensitive attitude of the government drove hundreds of farmers to suicide.

The KG to PG free education promise remained a non-starter. While one full academic year has been lost, another is about to begin, said the Congress MLC.

Likewise, Shabbir Ali said that the promise of 12% reservation for Muslims and STs in jobs and education remained unimplemented. Instead of constituting judicial commissions as a prelude to provide reservation, the State Government only constituted Enquiry Commissions, headed by retired IAS officers, which would have no legal sanctity. The information that these commissions have been asked to collect already exists with the government as per the Intensive Household Survey held in August last year. Further, the government did not spend even 25% of the allocated amount for the welfare of SC, ST, BC and minorities communities.

The much publicised 2BHK apartments for poor, three acre of land for Dalits and Tribals, one government jobs in every household and several other promises remained unimplemented, he said.

Shabbir Ali ridiculed the promise made by KCR on rooting out political corruption. He said Deputy CM Dr T Rajaiah was sacked on the charges of alleged corruption. However, the Chief Minister did not disclose the real charges and the amount involved in the alleged irregularities committed by Rajaiah, if any. KCR also remained mute to the allegations of corruptions leveled against other ministers like Energy Minister Jagadish Reddy.

The Congress leader said that people have voted in favour of TRS and KCR based on the promises that he made with them. Therefore, the common people have a right to know the status of implementation of those promises. He also gave blank sheets of “Promise Tracker” to the media persons and requested them to do their own analysis on the status of their implementation.


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