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Dattatreya launches Online Helpdesk for settlement of inoperative accounts

Hyderabad, Feb 19 (INN): In accordance with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s directions on the occasion of the ‘Shrameva Jayate’ programme regarding the settlement of EPF Inoperative Accounts having Rs. 27,000 crores as balance, the EPFO has launched an action programme for realizing the same.

Union Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya on Wednesday evening inaugurated an EPFO Inoperative Account online helpdesk to assist the holders of Inoperative Accounts to trace out their accounts and effect settlement or transfer of the same to their present account.

The online helpdesk can be accessed through EPFO’s website. The member shall be prompted to provide the known details of his/her employment in a specially designed proforma including establishment code, PF account no. address, State, City, date of joining etc. Likewise, personal information is also to be provided like name, mobile number, Date of Birth, Name of Father / Husband, e-mail Id, contact address, Aadhar number, Bank A/c No. etc. The members are expected to provide the information to the extent available with them. Thereafter, a reference ID is created for future reference and tracking. Based on the reference ID generated, the field office concerned (where the member held his PF account) shall contact the member and guide him for getting the settlement or effecting the transfer as the case may be.

The introduction of Universal Account Number (UAN) is expected to greatly facilitate the above initiative as UAN would enable consolidation of multiple previous PF account numbers with the present one. In addition to this, the recent e-governance initiative of EPFO such as Online Transfer Claim portal (OTCP), the introduction of batch processing software for updating the annual accounts of the subscribers have helped the organization to zero-in on the Inoperative Accounts and take necessary corrective action.

In addition to the above, EPFO has issued directions to the field formations to organize camps, to identify and facilitate settlement of Inoperative Accounts and ensure that the money goes to the rightful claimant. The participation of employers covered under the Act in this initiative has been sought and all efforts are being taken to ascertain the present status of the beneficiaries including the current address, current employment, whether the member is a UAN allottee, the bank account details and Aadhar details of the member.


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