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MBT condemns demolition of 120-yr-old Dhobi ghat for Metro Rail

Hyderabad, Feb 14 (INN): The Majlis Bachau Tahreek has strongly condemned the demolition of 120-year-old Dhobi ghat in Chaderghat area to facilitate the Hyderabad Metro Rail works.

According to MBT leader and ex-corporator Amjed Ullah Khan, the GHMC and HMR officials, along with heavy contingent of police personnel, demolished the 120-year-old old Dhobi Ghat at Chaderghat without serving any notice. He alleged that Muslim religious flags (Jhande Gouse Azam Dastagir RA) were also damaged by the authorities. He said the demolition drive has displaced nearly 90 families of washer men, who also lost their livelihood. The HMR had also put in huge lorries of mud inside the bed of Musi River damaging the natural flow of Musi water and damaging the natural nomenclature of River Musi, he alleged.

On information, Amjed Ullah Khan reached the spot and stopped further demolition of other Dhobi Ghats. He also gave a written complaint to the Inspector of Police, Mirchowk Police Station, for taking necessary action against the GHMC and HMR Officials for hurting the religious sentiments by damaging the Muslim Religious Flag.

The MBT leader said that said Dhobi Ghat under survey number 112/2 in Musi River was allotted to 90 Dhobis about 120 years ago by the then Nizam. He said the HMR authorities could not displace the families until they construct a new Dhobi Ghat and also allot new houses for the affected families.


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